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The Lions RoarJUNE 29, 2022

Second class citizens again: The Roe v. Wade overturn

As I woke up on Friday, June 24 and checked my phone, my screen was flooded with a single message. …

A post-Roe world and what it means for Louisianans

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with new information on 6/28/22. On the morning …

Letter to the Editor: Response to “Roe v. Wade’s long overdue (apparent) repeal and its worrying response from abortion advocates”

Dear Editor, To Dylan Meche, Opinions Editor: You’re right that the 14th Amendment makes no direct…

Adam Guth look towards the future following successful 2022 season

Adam Guth first picked up a baseball at the age of five playing t-ball in Lake Charles, Louisiana. …

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